Excellence: We are dedicated to a strong commitment of excellence.

Ethical Management: We are committed in the long term with the local Medical Community, Families, Governments and Health Care Institutions. We always put our focus on the patient, for all the people within our organization, patient s are always first.

Responsibility: We use our strong local knowledge and proximity to Health Providers to respond on time to patients needs because we understand timing is crucial.
We developed internal software to better manage distribution key information.
We keep a stable and strong financial position that enables us to act on attractive business opportunities, expand in our Region both geographically and in terms of the product range.

Hard Work: We understand the difficulties to fulfill our Mission in our Region and we duplicate individual and team work to achieve uncommon results when necessary to protect, help or serve our patient community.

Education: We believe in specialized, personalized and interactive education with physicians, advocates and payers.

Innovation: We believe in personalized medicine future applications and we are confident regarding our partners and our own R&D efforts.